The very first steps of this hospital toward Albanian patients, began from the heart.

Turkish Albanian ambitious investment, with very valuable assistance of the Albanian government, was initially focused on cardiology and cardiac surgery, under the care of a selected team, offering everything the world experience on heart surgery have to offer.

With an average number of 100 patients per month, the laboratory of hemodynamic during the first year had 100% successfully conducted 1200 coronarography procedures and over 350 cases revascularization.

One of the achievements of Cardiology Department at our hospital, was the realization for the first time in Albania coronarography and revascularization of coronary arteries in acute myocardial infarction, in other words: saving lives thanks to the transportation by helicopter ambulance and first aid staff which are cardiologist, specialized and very courageous people.

Another innovation were electrophysiological studies and ablation, which were made for the first time in Albania, they were conducted by professors and cardiologists doctors of this hospital.

With a new identity, with an even greater investment of serious new BCM shareholders, as well with the promise of a service to Western standards, the American Hospital has already opened the doors, offering all services that a western standards hospital has to offer.

From cardiology, to aesthetic surgery, from the Gastroenterology to Otorhinolaryngology, from orthopedics to oncology, ophthalmology to the advanced radiology.

Every pathology could now be treated in the American Hospital.

AMERICAN HOSPITAL 3 is committed to deliver a wide range of health care services.  We want our patients to feel as relaxed and as comfortable as possible. It is therefore no mistake that AMERICAN HOSPITAL 3 looks like a welcoming hotel.

Through our commitment to excellence and quality the AMERICAN HOSPITAL 3 provides the highest standards of clinical skills and nursing care across an extensive range of specialties.  AMERICAN HOSPITAL 3 is committed to deliver one of the most valuable sets of wide range healthcare services.

Our aim is to become a leader in the Albanian Market and attract doctors and patients from Europe as well. We would like to start by acquiring 7% market share of the overall private expenditure for the first Year of operations and at least 10% market share of the Albanians hospitalized abroad.



Our mission is to dedicate ourselves to provide physical and psychological care and to consider each person as a member of a family or social unit regardless of social income level they belong in the society. We will succeed when our customers will be healthy. We will put their interests first in everything we will do.



Our vision is to meet the needs and expectations of our internal and external customers by providing quality services on time, every time. To pursue error free results in the first place and also pursue new business opportunities that complement and build on our core strengths, to meet the needs of the healthcare community, while complying with all applicable regulatory requirements. Most importantly, we will measure our success by our ability to partner with respected medical professionals – to help millions of people, lead more active and satisfying lives.

From the moment you walk in the lobby you can easily see the patients are the focus. Many of the hospital features, such as the hand painted detailing and the vaulted ceiling of the main entrance and reception area, are all designed to create a calming atmosphere so the patient can feel relaxed and have all of the psychological benefits of being in a vacation in a hotel.

As you walk in Tirana Universal Hospital one cannot miss the Laboratory. This clinical laboratory is designed to offer unparalleled services in Albania. Not only does UHT has the capacity to serve 500 patients in Albania and produce 10 thousand analysis per day using the latest technology available, but the laboratory has been designed to become a reference lab throughout the country. The breadths of analysis completed every day in this laboratory are staggering numbering more than 5000 tests available. This laboratory is active and staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

To the left of the laboratory is suited the nuclear medicine department. Unlike X-ray examinations, studies in nuclear medicine are performed by administering slightly radioactive material to a patient and then imaging as performed with the camera that detects the emissions. The GE Millennium Gama-Ray Camera does not give off radiation.

Behind the laboratory, on the right, are suited the physicians’ offices and patients cardiology. The patient’s cardiology includes transthoracical and transesofageo echocardiography using a cardiac ultrasound machine to bottom stress in echocardiography, a trade mill for exercise stress testing as well as ultra-monitoring.

Behind the laboratory on the left, is suited the radiology department. The AMERICAN HOSPITAL 3 is proud to offer a comprehensive in-patient and out-patient diagnostic and interventional radiological services 24 hours per day using modern equipment supplied mainly by General Electric.  Digital equipment allows for staff to review for cases remotely and send cases to patients and other healthcare providers.  Some specific imaging techniques available include computed radiography, commonly known as X-ray, fluoroscopy, computed tomography (CT), ultrasound echography or digital mammography and magnetic resonance imaging. Other out-patient diagnostic imaging equipment include: Fuji endoscope, electroencephalography, polysomnography and electromyography.

Also on the first floor of the hospital is the peripheral catheterization laboratory.

AMERICAN HOSPITAL 3 operates a comprehensive emergency department with an emergency patient hotline, ambulance, emergency observation patient rooms and the trauma room containing lifesaving equipment such as a full patient monitoring system, defibrillator, ECG and ambulizers among others. There is even a Helipad, built according to NATO standards to receive patients.

The physical therapy department has 12 patient care beds, each equipped with the latest muscle stimulation equipment as well as therapeutically ultrasound machines to help patient with pain. Specialists also have a variety of equipment at their disposal, from bikes, treadmills, stairs and a wide range of motion devices. This department has also a pool for patients prescribed with non-impact therapy and exercises.

On the first floor of the hospital is where you will find our Intensive Care Unit (ICU), except for one separate room for infectious cases, our ICU is an entirely open space with three nursery stations and 25 patients’ beds.

On the second floor of our hospital we have a modern surgery suite completed with 5 operating rooms, a patient’s pre-operative holding area, tree scrubbing stations, both male and female locker rooms, surgical offices and a lounge are for staff. All of the mean equipment is from General Electric. We also have 3 like-oscopes, one for the brain, one for the ice and one for general surgery. The floor and ventilation system for all the operating rooms has been specially designed for a sterile environment.

Across the hall from our surgical suite is our coronary catheterization laboratory. This angiography suite is equipped using modern General Electric technology. This technology allows for precise angulation and fast movement. Also with this device, monitoring of the vessels is seen at a high resolution. In addition our staff has the capability to register patients directly from the table, allowing for faster care of emergency cases. This laboratory contains a viewing room for technicians observing the procedures as well as a scrubbing room and a storage facility. Situated next to the care lab is the cardiac unit.

The complete spectrum of women health services are offered at our hospital from start to finish. Our patients’ exams are conducted on the first floor of the main hospital building. Next to the doctors’ office our obstetricians have at their disposal an ultrasound machine a staring chair and a bed. There is an infertility clinic located on the third floor of the main hospital. The infertility clinic is situated in the third floor while maternity is situated on the fourth floor of the main hospital. Within maternity there are two labor and delivery rooms and an ontology unit complete with incubators and a nursery.

The department of ear, nose and throat at AMERICAN HOSPITAL 3 provides state of the art care for patients with diseases of ear, nose, sinuses, larynges and upper respiratory track as well as diseases of the head and neck, trachea, bronchial  and esophagus.

On the first floor of our out-patient polyclinic building you will find the ophthalmology services. Modern equipment used includes devices such as an examer laser, a corneal topography, retinal angiography, visual field test, a IAG laser and an organ laser.

Nephrology takes care at all types of cases related to the kidney. Diagnostics available include renal biopsy and ultra-scenography.

On the fourth floor of out-patient professional building is our dialysis unit. With 25 specialized beds, each equipped with a specialized hemodialytic unit, our hospital offers hemodialysis for acute as well as chronic reno-failure patients.  To reduce incidence of hepatitis B and C, rigorous precautions are taken and such patients are dialyzed on separate machines.

There are many other out-patients’ services and departments such as internal medicine, pediatrics, ophthalmology, dermatology, orthopedics, oncology, gastroenterology and neurology, just to name a few.

There are 120 patients’ rooms in total. 104 of these patient rooms are 34 sq/m, while the other 16 are 55 sq/m.. All our patients’ rooms, regardless of size, include a visiting area for visitors, a refrigerator and a full bathroom completed with a radio and a shower. Each bedroom has a flat screen TV with a satellite and a nurse call system.

There are three main food areas: above reception, in the main lobby has an area for a restaurant. Next to the emergency room there is a small Cafe offering light snacks and beverages. In the basement of the out-patients’ professional building there is a cafeteria for employees and a kitchen where patients’ meals are prepared.


The hospital consists of five departments:

  • emergency
  • internal medicine (cardiology, infectious diseases, and pulmonary medicine,
  • obstetrics and gynecology,
  • dialysis
  • management, accounting and maintenance department.